Nov 082008

Jang AP-1 seeder

The Jang AP-1 single-row hand seeder has gotten a couple of rave reviews, here and in Tiny Farm Forum. It apparently way outclasses the Earthway, although (or, at only) about triple the price: $365US. It plants from small to large seeds (basil, carrots and lettuce, to beans, peas and corn). Also available in 3- and 6-row configurations. I haven’t tried it, but it seems like a must-purchase for increased accuracy and reduced seed use, adding up to much less thinning and cash savings. Available in the US from Mechanical Transplanter and in Canada from Willsie Equipment Sales.

  • Bob Due


    We purchased a Clean seeder from Mechanical Transplanter for the 2008 growing season and are very pleased with its performance. I have been using the Earthway since the early ’70’s and would have to say that it is a good aid for the home gardener but is not accurate enough for the market gardener.

    I found that the preformed drums for seed selection did not work as well as the ones I made with a blank drilled to my specifications for the seed that was to be sown.

    Thinning is almost a thing of the past when everything is set right. Also, compared to the Earthway, it is a dream to push down the row, very little gets in its way.