Nov 182007

Saalet Seed Master

An inexpensive seeder, probably best for very small gardens, given the size of the seed container. It opens the furrow, drops the seed, covers it up. Comes with six seed plates. Doesn’t seem nearly as versatile as the Earthway, but perhaps has a specialty use in the larger veggie garden. It’s made in Europe.

Company website: Saalet
Buy online: Vesey’s

  • Ron Henderson

    Where can I purchase the Saalet push seeder in the US?
    Thank you

  • Donna Marchionni

    I purchased a Saalet seeder a few years back. Because of ill heath, I have not been able to garden for the past several years (oh no!)and have lost the instructions in the interim. Does anyone have a copy of the manual? Or can someone remind how to put the innards together and the use for the various plates?


  • Tom Harald Kragh Eckell

    The manual can be downloaded from: