Dec 242007

Weather station

This compact weather station is one handy and entertaining little item. Some may consider it no more than a toy, or even a waste of money, but at under $15US, you really can’t go wrong. You mount it on a pole, set it out in the field, and it measures wind, rainfall and temperature. I use separate rain guages for rainfall, and various analog and digital min/max thermometers in different locations for temperature, so what’s left is wind direction and speed, which is what I like about it. Specifically, I like being able to check wind speed, and watch it fluctuate. You read the speed in miles or kilometers along the curved edge, as the indicator flaps up and down on the wind. For me, being able to attach a reference to what I feel is kinda useful, like, “Oh, that’s about a 20 mph wind!” :) I’m not sure of the particular brand, this one is from Veseys, and I’ve seen very similar or identical ones in the hardware stores.