Tiny Farm Gear focuses on equipment for market gardeners and home veggie gardeners. “Tiny” I loosely define as under 5 acres…with no minimum! There’s not a lot of gear aimed directly at this market. Micro-farms are a little too large for many of the nifty tools and devices aimed at the very small home garden, and too small by far to buy into the mechanized tractor world of Big Agriculture. If you have a home garden, allotment, community garden or tiny farm, chances are this blog will have something of interest to you!

The gear on this blog comes from my searching around for stuff to use in the market garden. It’s a mix of tools I’ve used, things I’m researching to buy, and items I’ve stumbled across that look interesting. When I use a photo that I didn’t take myself, I’ll generally link to the site where I found it. I also try to link to manufacturers’ sites, rather than retailers, so if you want more info, you can go to the source. BTW, I don’t have any sort of arrangement with the companies mentioned here, adding items is all random as I go.

About me: I’m a market gardener in southern Ontario, Canada, cultivating about 2.5 acres. I grow over 50 different types of veggies, herbs and flowers, and probably close to 150 different varieties. Most of the work is done by hand, or with small equipment, like a walking rototiller. The produce is available at our local farmers’ market for six months every year, through a 50-member CSA service, and directly from the farm. You can check out what I’m up to at TinyFarmBlog.com.

If you’d like to contribute to this blog, that’d be great. You can post new items and add info to existing ones. You can place comments without any sort of log-in, or get in touch me and I’ll give you an account that lets you add new posts. Just email me!