Nov 182007

Saalet Seed Master

An inexpensive seeder, probably best for very small gardens, given the size of the seed container. It opens the furrow, drops the seed, covers it up. Comes with six seed plates. Doesn’t seem nearly as versatile as the Earthway, but perhaps has a specialty use in the larger veggie garden. It’s made in Europe.

Company website: Saalet
Buy online: Vesey’s

Nov 072007

Thilot Holland HZ423 seeder

From the Netherlands, the Thilot Holland HZ423 seeder looks like a cross between the EarthWay and the old Planet Jr. Seed drops through an aperture in a seed plate, like the Planet Jr. (and unlike the EarthWay, which relies on a revolving vertical plate to carry seed up and into a chute—much less reliable). A couple of features mentioned in the literature sound interesting: a seed brush in the hopper which it seems is to keep seed loose and well-separated, and an adjustable control for step-seeding, which can leave up to 20cm (7.8″) between drops (that’s interesting, wonder how it works). The price tag is fairly steep: €686 from the manufacturer in the Netherlands.