Dec 142007

At-A-Glance Monthly Wall Calendar

This is quite the ideal wall calendar for market garden and home garden organizing and record-keeping. Sure, there are thousands upon thousands of calendars out there, lots of ’em FREE, but they aren’t built equal! This is my third year with the At-A-Glance Monthly Wall Calendar, and I swear by it. It’s perfect for field notes, with ample (but not excessive) daily space for critical jottings, and a matt surface for easy writing with any pen or pencil you have at hand (glossy calendars can be a pain). I use it for the field basics: planting dates, rainfall and other weather notes, irrigation, repairs, and so forth. The dimensions are perfect, tall and narrow, to fit backs of doors and other narrower bits of wall—chances are, the calendar will change locations to follow the changing daily workflow as the season progresses. The wire binding is stiff and allows easy page turning. It comes in four sizes, up to 20″x30″ (I use one size down, 15-1/2″x22-3/4″).