Jan 122008

Bag holders

Simple and effective, these folding bag holders are great, except in anything more than a light breeze. Here, I was using them to fill large leaf bags with grass mulch. This has been my only use for them so far, and they’re worth it just for that. But they’d come in handy for any sort of collection, including leafy greens harvest. They’re also reversible: stand them on one end or the other for large or regular size bags. These were under $15 at the local hardware store.

Nov 202007
Lee Valley Compost & Mulch Fork

Lee Valley Compost & Mulch Fork

The 10-tine Lee Valley Compost & Mulch Fork is a versatile tool that’s well-suited to a bunch of different tasks. It’s intended for shoveling compost and mulch, and works fine for that (although for moving around bulkier mulch, like straw, a much wider-tined hay or manure fork works better). I’ve used mine for five seasons, and find it shines at picking up smaller stuff, like stones and crop residue. For fallen tomatoes after the plants have been pulled, it’s perfect, lifting what you want while letting the soil sift through. It’s wide enough to get larger jobs done quickly, and very durable (I haven’t broken the handle or seriously bent tines yet, and it’s done some heavy shoveling). The tines are 1″ spacing. I guess it’s designed by Lee Valley (Canada/US). I just saw a 9-tine SHW Debris/Manure Fork that also looks good for similar tasks (SHW, in Germany, has apparently been making agricultural hand tools since 1267…).

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