Sep 252011


If you’re small-scale farming, having a presence on the Web is pretty well a must these days. One approach is to start a farming blog. There are two basic approaches, either by opening a (free) account on one of the blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress or TypePad, or by running your own blog software. The second way I far prefer, for flexibility and control, and it’s really no more difficult than using a blog service. Only thing is, it’ll cost you a few dollars a month (starting at $5-6), plus around $10 to register a domain name ( If you opt for the DIY route, there is only one serious choices in blogging software: WordPress. WP is open source and free, friendly, easy to set up, and quite straightforward to use. It is also highly customizable (you can add anything, from contact forms to photo galleries with ease), and, well, FUN. That’s just one opinion, but an opinion shared by…literally, millions. (BTW, this site runs on WP.) If you’re about to set up a new blog, or are unhappy with your current situation, definitely give it a try!